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Personal Training

The fastest way to unleash your inner champion ever.

Yeah, if you thought about getting a personal trainer – great idea!

Nothing can get you to become a skilled warrior faster than having a World Class Champion guide your every move,

Except maybe illegally using steroids…

But if you’re not going towards that mischievous route,

A personal trainer is like rocket fuel for your progress, 

It’s an investment that will guarantee your resilience, empowering you to overcome any challenge…

…and take you even further 🚀

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Santa Monica Striking meets everyday!

1938 14th st, Santa Monica, CA 90404

11:00am – Everyday 
7:00pm – Monday – Friday

Classes are 75 – 90 minutes long

The art of 8 limbs:



+1 (310) 429-1706

Studio Address: 

1938 14th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404