Dean Rosenwald

Founder and Director

Dean has been training martial arts for over 13 years and began training Muay Thai in 2009. Dean’s fight career began as college ended, then picked up again after graduate school. In 2015 Dean traveled to Thailand for the first time and competed against an experienced Thai Gulabpet. Dean has since fought over a dozen more times throughout the United States and in Thailand, and hopes to take a fight soon in Tulum, Mexico.

In addition to Muay Thai, Dean began studying the Khmer martial art Bokator while visitng in Cambodia. He has since returned to train Bokator directly under Grandmaster San Kim Sean and his son Reach Nokor.

Lance Dixon

Head Coach

Lance is a professional fighter training under Kru David Huerta throughout his entire fighting career. During his amateur career, Lance proved himself as a skilled Muay Thai athlete winning his first tournament and earning multiple titles since he began fighting in 2012. In 2018 Lance turned pro and has been sharing his knowledge and particular striking style at Santa Monica Striking for 6 years.

  • IAMTF United States Welterweight Champion
  • IAMTF California Welterweight Champion
  • IKF So Cal Super Welterweight Champion
  • IFS Super Welterweight Champion
  • Tournament to Bangkok Middleweight Champion

Erin Maldonado

2021 USMTO C-class Gold Medalist
2021 TBA Silver Medalist

Erin is a lifelong martial arts practitioner who has explored various stand up and grappling techniques since childhood and has found his passion in striking. Though he initially boxed, Erin recently developed a love for the art of Striking. Through a journey spannigh Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and some MMA, Erin has honed a mixed striking style rooted in distanced striking and Muay Thai.

Just two years ago Erin began his journey as a competitive Muaythai fighter (nak muay), initially participating in seven bouts in six months. In 2021 Erin earned the title of USMTO national champion winning gold in the 120lb division. Erin thrives sharing his passion with others and coaching students of all ages and levels. His natural amiability and approachability make him an excellent coach and instructor

James Rusler


James Rusler is Santa Monica Born and raised he has been an active fighter since 2021, and began competing at 16. Due to his experience, he was able to compete as an adult without headgear at 17 years old. He is currently in training and ready for competition in the Los Angeles area as well as national tournaments. James started martial arts with Santa Monica Striking and now comfortably runs his own class 4 times a week as well as private lessons.

Wyatt Cardone


Wyatt Cardone had a background in boxing and street fighting before he joined Santa Monica Striking. Wyatt joined as a prospective and promising fighter, and now he is a phenominal coach. With a year under his belt honing his pad and mitt holding skills at one of the largest boxing franchises in the US, Wyatt is one of the best mitt holders in LA. Talk to Wyatt for advice on Boxing or general striking any time, he loves and lives martial arts.

Chris Heihn


Chris has been training Muay Thai under Coaches Dean and Lance for over 3 years in addition to his history with submission grappling. He has also competed multiple times and is looking to continue. He has a natural ability to explain techniques and ideas in a way that anyone can understand. Chris is also an experienced Biohacker with endless knowledge of ways to improve certain habits!

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