Lance Dixon and Dean Rosenwald are both experienced Muay Thai instructors and fighters. They have over 30 fights and 20 years of training experience between the two of them. Both coaches have trained in Thailand and have made teaching, practicing, and spreading the art of Muay Thai a major part of their lives. With two coaches there is always someone available to work with students to answer any questions or break down technique into more detail during class.

Dean Rosenwald

Muay Thai & Bokator

Dean has been training martial arts for over 13 years and began training Muay Thai in 2009. He fought 8 times throughout the United States in Pittsburgh, Virginia, Ohio, and California. He has also trained for months and fought twice in Thailand. 

Dean has been trained by several professional Thai champions at Rawai Muay Thai in Khao Lak Thailand.
In addition to Muay Thai, Dean began studying the ancient Khmer martial art Bokator while in Cambodia. He has since returned to train under Grandmaster San Kim Sean.

Lance Dixon

Muay Thai

Lance is a pro fighter training under Kru David Huerta throughout his fighting career. As an amateur, Lance has been a Muay Thai champion winning his first tournament and earning multiple titles since he began fighting in 2012. Lance went pro in 2018 and has been teaching for 5 years.

  1.  IAMTF United States Welterweight Champion
  2.  IAMTF California Welterweight Champion
  3.  IKF So Cal Super Welterweight Champion
  4.  IFS Super Welterweight Champion
  5. Tournament to Bankok Middleweight Champion

The art of 8 limbs:



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